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SPANTEK Services

Inventory and Logistics Management

The prime objective for Spantek is to provide our clients with what they want, when they want it. Spantek's Inventory Management Programs play a central role in keeping our customers lean and efficient which lowers their total cost of doing business. Our options include vendor managed inventory, Kanban, hold for release, quick ship, and other JIT based systems. Customers benefit with real cost savings by reducing administrative costs, inventories, and floor space requirements because they can trust Spantek to deliver the right product, in the correct quantity, at the necessary time.

  • Reduce Order Transaction Costs
  • Minimize Purchase Minimums
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Vendor Stocking Programs (VSP)
  • Joint Procurement / Toll Processing
  • Lower Inventory Holding Costs

SPANTEK'S 3 Keys to Reducing Cost

Spantek's cost reduction approach is based on 3 key components: The Spantek Edge Process, Inventory Management and Two Manufacturing locations  (Minnesota and North Carolina) which allows us to design and optimizes your parts, reduce your inventory carrying costs and optimize your transportation costs. Spantek's management goal is to provide you with improved products, reduce your total cost of doing business, and improve your bottom line!

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Spantek offers an engineering-partner approach to solving your component problems, applications, quality and project costs.