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Spantek’s Expanded Metal is a one-piece metallic mesh produced without welding, that reflects a series of uniform openings in diamond shapes. Spantek manufactures solid sheet, coil, or plate metals into a material with diamond-shaped or unique openings joined by continuous, uniform strands. The slitting and stretching process generates an expanded metal material with essentially no scrap. 

The result is a strong, structurally sound, non-raveling metal product that permits the passage of heat, fluids, light, sound, and air. Expanded metal is an environmentally friendly product. Also, by the sheer nature of the expanding process, it produces more finished product yield with less raw material and resource input. 

Spantek has one of the widest ranges of expanded metal products, patterns and mesh sizes in the Industry. Expanded metal is also a very practical alternative to perforated metal in many product applications. Expanded metal offers superior open area percentages, more pattern flexibility, and significantly reduced cost when compared to perforated metals. 

SPANTEK can also design and fabricate solutions to whatever characteristics and specifications are most critical: pattern size, shape, open-area, strand width and cost effectiveness. 

Whether your project requires cost reduction, weight reduction, strength, flexibility or endurance to weather, water, heat or cold, Spantek’s Team works as a partner to offer practical recommendations, innovations and expanded metal design solutions.  

Spantek Expanded Metal Patterns

Spantek Expanded Metals Chart Diagram


Spantek offers an engineering-partner approach to solving your component problems, applications, quality and project costs.