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Perforated Alternative Patterns

Spantek Expanded Metal offers a unique and versatile alternative to Perforated Metal, while providing significant cost savings opportunities.  Similar to perforated, Expanded Metal is an intermediate raw material that allows light and air to flow freely through it and provides a rigid screen product with a variety of open area configurations. Expanded offers similar design characteristics to perforated metal with more flexibility in open area options, at a fraction of the cost of perforated materials. In addition, Expanded Metal is available in both flattened and raised profiles, providing a three dimensional look that perforated cannot match. Also, the production process for expanded metal produces zero scrap and requires considerably less raw material to produce than perforated making it an ideal choice for sustainable designs. Like perforated, Expanded Metal openings are in uniform size and regularity and provide boundless open area and design options.

Expanded Metal is an extremely versatile product with numerous applications in industrial, functional, and aesthetic architectural designs. Spantek offers several standard pattern designs that match perforated patterns in open area, hole-size and web; more importantly Spantek can provide custom designed patterns that offer unique cost saving solutions for replacing perforated materials while achieving similar functional results. In addition to material savings, Expanded Metal tooling costs are typically 1/3 the cost of perforated tooling, so customization is a less costly option.

Some examples where Expanded Metal is a viable substitute for perforated materials include; screening and sizing applications, liquid and air filtration, filter cores, sound attenuation and sound abatement, building façades, sun shades, ceilings, decorative dividers, stair rail infill panels, HVAC and kitchen equipment ventilation grilles, partitions, outdoor furniture and site amenities, signage backing, security walls and countless other applications. The use of expanded metal is limited only by a designer’s imagination and creativity.

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