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Secure Span Clips

Secure-Span Security mesh by Spantek acts as an added level of security to protect vulnerable facilities from break-ins or security breaches.  Secure-Span mesh is easily installed behind drywall by attaching to studs using Spantek’s exclusive Secure-Span clips.  Unlike other clips, Spantek’s Secure-Span clips allow for the mesh to be installed with the diamonds running in either direction, providing more flexibility for installers and saving valuable time.  Use Secure-Span inside your walls, ceilings, and floors to protect your most valued assets. 

Secure-Span Clips

Spantek’s Secure-Span clips easily attach to metal and wood studs. The recessed center hole in the clips allows the fastener to seat comfortably inside the clip. The Secure-Span clips are packaged 300/box and are sold exclusively with the purchase of Secure-Span mesh. We recommend using 24 clips per 4’ x 8’ panel when 16” stud spacing applies. 

Secure-Span Mesh

Spantek keeps several Secure-Span patterns in stock to accommodate both medium and maximum-security applications. Call or email Spantek for a quick response to all your security mesh requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy Gauge Carbon Steel Mesh Barrier Sheets
  • Provides an added level of security to protect walls, ceilings and floors from break-in or breaches.
  • Available in several Secure-Span mesh patterns to accommodate both medium and maximum-security applications.
  • Easier to work with and install - Substantial Barrier Protection

Secure Span Clips

  • Save time, minimize alignment delays for installers
  • Allow Secure Span Security Mesh sheets to be installed directly to the framing with the diamonds running in either direction.
  • Can be attached to metal or wood framing
  • Secure Span Clips are versatile and simplify barrier installation to metal or wood framing.

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